Biome Project - Finally we will be putting to use the shoe boxes some of you brought in! You will be using the shoe boxes to make a three dimensional representation of the biome that you would like to research! As you all know, there are six major biomes on the Earth: the tundra, the taiga (or coniferous forests), deciduous forests, tropical rain forests, grasslands, and deserts. You will each sign up for the biome of your choice on a first come, first serve basis. Each student will research their biome and build their model as accurately as possible, with the common features of each biome included. You will also need to find the following information:

1. What is the climate of your biome?

2. What are some of the common plants/trees/vegetation in your biome?

3. Name five animals that are found in your biome?

4. Find two photographs that depict your biome and include them on your Biome project page.

5. What countries does your biome cover?

6. One interesting fact that you discovered during your research.


*Please feel free to bring in things from home to add to your three dimensional representation of the biome you chose (i.e. plastic animal figurines, or materials you may need that we don't have here)

Helpful Websites:


Student Pages:

Taiga/Coniferous Forest
Deciduous Forest
Tropical Rain Forest