A. Total Population

The est population is 20,042,551

B. Official Language: What is the official language spoken? Is there a special dialect? Is there any other common language used (for example, Do most people have or do not have the ability to speak another language?

The official languages are Malagasy and French.
Find some of the economic, geographic, political, and cultural features of the area.
Some economic features are gdp/ppp 2007 est.18.12 billion ; per capital 1,100 real growth rate 6.3%
a. Economic: major imports or exports, farming, manufacture, technology, other industry?

The imports and exports are petroleum, consumer goods and food.
b. Geographic: general terrain, lakes, rivers, inland, seaside? How might geography be important to the town(s)/city/region you are visiting? in the Indian ocean and is a island.geography is important because you need to be able to get anything that you might need.

c. Political: Allies. Conflict. Can you find out anything about the area's relationship to the rest of the nation or world

international disputes claims Bassas da India, Europa Island, Glorioso Islands, Juan de Nova Island, and Tromelin Island all administered by France.
d. Culture: Can you fin anything of interest about the culture? (popular dress, music, dance, festival, etc. Is it diverse? Is it homogeneous? Are there many immigrants
There are not many immigrants
D. Tourism: What are the tourist attractions? Is it a safe place for an American to visit? Are Americans frequent visitors? (How might you be able to tell?)

There are not many attractions on the island besides the land and the views Americans are not frequent visitors


Now that you know something about the area, plan out your week. What sights or landmarks are you going to visit?

I. Day 1
im going to got to the airport and board my plane. when i arrive in madagascar i will go and check in to my hotel. and rest after my long flight until the next day. the plane ticket was $ 1,386
II. Day 2
today i will go to ambohimanga to visit the historic village and sort of a street flea market to do some looking around and exploring the culture of the people who live there i also was given 8 thousand dollars to include all expenses. i bought some fresh food the local flea market for 49 dollars
III. Day 3 i shall go to the east coast to visit the low lands and the mananara and mangoro rivers and mabe do some fishing as well.

IV. Day 4 today i will go the central highlands wich can range from 2000 to 6000 feet there are many things to look at there are
V. Day 5
VI. Day 6
VII. Day 7

Have a great trip and remember to take pictures!