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A. Total Population
B. Official Language: What is the official language spoken? Is there a special dialect? Is there any other common language used (for example, Do most people have or do not have the ability to speak another language?
C. Find some of the economic, geographic, political, and cultural features of the area.
a. Economic: major imports or exports, farming, manufacture, technology, other industry?
b. Geographic: general terrain, lakes, rivers, inland, seaside? How might geography be important to the town(s)/city/region you are visiting?
c. Political: Allies. Conflict. Can you find out anything about the area's relationship to the rest of the nation or world.
d. Culture: Can you find anything of interest about the culture? (popular dress, music, dance, festival, etc. Is it diverse? Is it homogeneous? Are there many immigrants?
D. Tourism: What are the tourist attractions? Is it a safe place for an American to visit? Are Americans frequent visitors? (How might you be able to tell?)


Now that you know something about the area, plan out your week. What sights or landmarks are you going to visit?

I. Day 1
II. Day 2
III. Day 3
IV. Day 4
V. Day 5
VI. Day 6
VII. Day 7

Have a great trip and remember to take pictures!